Ridged Fused Glass Soap Dish - Steel Blue
Beespoke of Devon

Ridged Fused Glass Soap Dish - Steel Blue

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Our strongest blue in the collection, our steel blue ridged fused glass soap dish is a show stopper and the perfect place to hold your favourite soap.

The soap dish is handmade by fusing two pieces of glass in the kiln, followed by a second firing in a ceramic mould which gives the ridged shape. The dish then has its sides smoothed out with a glass grinder before being put back in the kiln for a final finish.  

The ridged design is perfect for letting excess water drain away to improve the longevity of the soap too. 

12cm x 8cm at the widest part.


The details:

- Hand made fused glass

- Nine colours to choose from

- Designed to allow excess water to drain away

- 12cm (l) x 8cm (w)

Please note that each dish will vary slightly in shape and bubbles form naturally when the glass is fused in the kiln making each piece unique!