Star Glass Hanging Decoration
Beespoke of Devon

Star Glass Hanging Decoration

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One for a lover of stars, our beautiful star fused glass hanging decoration. They can be hung on the wall, in a window or a make a lovely piece of art for the garden. This piece makes a great gift for any star lover. 

Measuring approx 5m x 5cm without the ribbon.

Each piece is handmade. After a 14 hour fuse in the kiln, the unique design stencil (created by myself) is applied and the glass is sandblasted (this effect will NOT wash or wear away over time). Any area of the glass not being sandblasted at the time is temporarily covered. After the stencil is removed the hole is then drilled and finally, the ribbon is added. 

Not only does it make a fantastic statement in any home, but it also makes a great gift.


The details:

- Hand made fused glass

- A great gift

- 5cm x 5cm