About Us

About us PanelHello! I'm Jo and I run Beespoke from my home in Devon. A former primary school teacher, I trained as an aromatherapist as I have always been intrigued by the use of essential oils as a complementary therapy. In aromatherapy, natural oils are extracted by steam distillation or expression from plant flowers, stems, leaves, bark and fruit.

Our sense of smell stimulates the olfactory system which in turn can affect your mood and trigger memory recall. With this in mind I wanted to combine my knowledge of essential oils to create beautiful and unique candles. To enable me to expand the business my love of glass inspired me to start making fused glass products to complement my candles. Initially these were candle holders and candle plates but after experimenting with kiln schedules, colours and types of glass and textures I developed the range to include light curves, soap dishes and home décor items, some sandblasted with a touch of gold!