Beeswax Blocks Yellow
Beeswax Blocks Yellow
Beeswax Blocks Yellow
Beeswax Blocks Yellow
Beeswax Blocks Yellow
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Beeswax Blocks Yellow

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Natural honey scented beeswax in yellow or ivory (see separate listing), apart from smelling gorgeous they make a perfect little gift to a bee loving friend or relation or to keep for yourself. Beeswax has a multitude of uses in the home or for making health and beauty products with.

Some examples are-

- Sewing thread can be rubbed with beeswax to help it pass through material more easily.

- Homemade beeswax food wraps, candles, furniture polish, conditioning wooden chopping boards.

- Useful for preventing tools from rusting, on saws for cutting through timber more easily, rubbing onto wooden drawer runners that are sticking and waterproofing shoes.

- Making your own lip balm, body butter, moisturizer, soap and deodorants (try doing a search for internet recipes, you'll be surprised)!

 - Art uses such as crayons for children, resist fabric dyeing and encaustic painting.

* Please be aware that the ivory beeswax has gone through higher filtration so there will be less of the natural scent.

Total weight approx 140g (6 x blocks)

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