Little Bee Pillar Candle
Little Bee Pillar Candle
Little Bee Pillar Candle
Little Bee Pillar Candle
Beespoke of Devon

Little Bee Pillar Candle

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The lovely little pillar candle featuring our signature bee is a joy for any home. Making the perfect gift for any candle lover, this candle is designed to burn for long periods of time due and made from our sweet smelling beeswax here in Devon. 

The pure beeswax is sweet scented when it is burned, with the brightness in the same light spectrum as the sun. Due to the high melting point of the wax it has a great burn time with smoke and dripping at a minimum.   

As an extra bonus, beeswax also emits a high rate of negative ions which may help to cleanse the air.  

This listing is for one naturally scented pure beeswax bee pillar candle with approx dimensions of
30mm (w) x 60mm (h) Burn time approx 7 hours.


The details:

- 100% natural

- 6cm (h) x 3cm (w)

- Burn time 7hrs

- Air purifying

Please note that as beeswax is a natural product the colours of the candles may vary.